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What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

When budgets are tight people look for savings and think “do we need a wedding photographer?” everyone has good cameras and will take photos, or Uncle Jim has a good camera he will take them. When you get the images after the wedding you may be disappointed and Uncle Jim did his best but being part of the wedding and taking photos is difficult, when you get the images from a professional photographer the difference is amazing.
You must decide which style of photography you want, traditional or reportage – just casual informal images to record the day, usually requiring two photographers or maybe a mix of both. It is always nice to get your chosen family and friends groups and the traditional images of signing the register, walking up the aisle cutting the cake etc. Ask your photographer if they have professional insurance – peace of mind for everyone.
Then decide if you want bridal preparation, some people think it is too intrusive but if your photographer is unobtrusive you can get some lovely personal images. Have a rough idea of timings and leave plenty of time for getting the dress on to avoid stress! Your photographer will then be with you throughout the day, and should be in the background and unobtrusive but all the while watching the time so all the special moments are captured, they should be aware it is your special day and allow you to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.
You must decide how long you want eh photographer to stay, either finishing with a ceremonial cutting of the cake or through speeches and finishing with first dance.
Another decision is how you want your images presented, will they be on the website, do you want a disc with all the images on or an album?
Make sure you meet your photographer before they day, many offer a pre-wedding shoot so you feel relaxed with their style.
Photographs are your special memories from your special day.
By Lesley Pegrum
October 7, 2013 |

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