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What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

When budgets are tight people look for savings and think “do we need a wedding photographer?” everyone has good cameras and will take photos, or Uncle Jim has a good camera he will take them. When you get the images after the wedding you may be disappointed and Uncle Jim did his best but being part of the wedding and taking photos is difficult, when you get the images from a professional photographer the difference is amazing. (more…)
October 7, 2013 |

Never Lose the Most Treasured Day


It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words, but video is worth a million. What better way to capture the most memorable day of your life than with a top quality film of all the day’s events?

The advantages of having a professional wedding video made, almost go without saying. Not only can you relive the treasured memories over and over again, you can also send copies to
your far distant relatives (who may not be able to make it to the wedding), so they too can enjoy the experience of your magical day, and you can keep the unique video as a family heirloom, to be passed on to future generations. They also make a truly unique thank you gift for those extra special guests. (more…)

October 6, 2013 |

Working With Your Wedding Photographer


I am sure most married readers of this article would agree that their wedding day was not just a happy and exciting day but also one of enormous fun. A wedding day can feel like a whirlwind; getting dressed, enjoying the ceremony, greeting guests, relaxing at the reception, dancing, celebrating your love and your life together. All your careful planning and organization comes together to create the perfect day – and so it should, you have invested a lot of time and money in it.


May 3, 2013 |

Top 10 Wedding Trends


In this article Wedding Photographer Ian McGraw (LBIPP) at ‘Veil & Train’ & Hannah Green at ‘SugarBlossom Weddings’ team up to share their hot tips for what is utterly fabulous and uber cool in today’s Wedding Photography &; Planning industries.

The Wedding Photographers 10 Best Trends

1. Contemporary Vintage – give your wedding a real vintage look with meaning and a modern twist by using a photographer who specialises in this specific style. Fine art tones and colour shifts – and don’t forget, dogs at weddings are so cool right now.

2. Photo Booth – A fun idea is to rent a photo booth for the reception so guests can make their own memories for you. Look out for retro booths and ‘blinged up’ versions that stand out to attract guests.

3. Pre-Wedding Shoots – not only a great fun way to get to know your photographer before the big day but also excellent feature images to show off at your reception. Posed, relaxed, fun portraits in an interesting location.

4. Reception prints – put your pre-wedding images in a mount & frame or in a guest album. Upon arrival at the reception guests have the opportunity to sign and leave their best wishes in the book or on the mount itself.

5. Parents Gifts – instead of giving flowers to parents at your reception why not get your prewedding images put into a mini albums or coffee table books as lasting keepsake gifts.

6. Fine Art Photography – Brides love this style because it reminds them of a fashion spread in a magazine. The photographer directs this style to fulfill a specific artistic vision with a view to producing a final piece art.

7. Boudoir – designed as a gift for your fiancé. Boudoir photography is becoming increasingly popular. These are basically sexy pictures taken of you, in your own home or hotel room usually in lingerie or even as a nude or as an illusion of nudity.

8. Proposal Photography – this is an idea where the Groom to be (or sometimes the Bride) arranges with a photographer to photograph the moment of marriage proposal. More akin to the Paparazzi style of photography, where at least one half of the couple are completely unaware of what will happen.

9. Trash the Dress – some brides choose to vacuum wrap their dress once the vows have been taken and pack them away on top of the wardrobe. How about this option instead? Imagine a photo shoot where your beautiful dress gets completely destroyed, with you in it! The images are a real talking point.

10. Cherish the Dress – really the complete opposite of Trash the Dress. This is a dedicated fashion shoot designed to show off your beautiful dress in the most elegant way possible. These shoots are pure indulgence, get your hair and make-up done and get photographed in a fabulous location.

Be Inspired:
·. John Michael Cooper – Trash The Dress
·. Faye & Trevor Yerbury – Boudoir
·. Chris Hanley – Cherish The Dress
·. Jose Villa, Jesh De Rox – Fine Art & Contemporary with a vintage feel
·. Booth Nation – Seamus Ryan’s original photo booth The Wedding Planner’s Top 10 Wedding Day Trends

1. Role Reversals where new style wedding parties can feature a Man of Honour or a Best Woman.

2. Cigar bars and candy bar arranging different types of cigars on a table with personalised matchboxes or paper bags with retro style sweets.

3. Fun colour combinations like lemon and grey and poppy teamed with aqua.

4. Humanist ceremonies allowing couples the flexibility over locations and greater outdoor options.

5. Photos before the ceremony giving the bride and groom more time to enjoy celebrating after the ceremony with guests.

6. Alternative wedding breakfasts from afternoon tea parties or BBQs to evening ceremonies with black tie receptions.

7. Decorating the outside as well as the inside, such as hanging lights in trees or reindeers hired to pose for winter weddings!

8. Eco Chic Weddings, from earth friendly invites to nature loving honeymoons, going green no longer means a compromise on the style of the big day.

9. Hiring wedding items saving on the cost of buying, but adding style with a range of options such as vintage crockery, garden games or chairs (rather than covers).

10. Making it your day putting a unique mark on all the design elements like quotes in the wedding programmes or pictures as name settings.

The Wedding Photographers 10 Best Trends: by Ian McGraw LBIPP, Founder and Co-Owner of Veil & Train, London based provider of wedding photography & bridal services. Their blog is dedicated to finding the best ideas, products and services for your big day. Kingston Upon Thames, UK.

The Wedding Planner’s Top 10 Wedding Day Trends: by Hannah Green at SugarBlossom, Wedding Planners and Co-ordinators. Reading, UK.

May 3, 2013 |

Unusual Wedding Locations Photographed


Some star-crossed lovers have quite literally gone to the ends of the earth to find each other, so it’s only fitting that they get married in a unique destination at the furthest corner of the world. Wedding photographers never know exactly what they’ll walk into, but some of these amazing settings require even the most seasoned professionals to pull out all the stops. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Photo Booth Hire for Weddings; Everything You Need To Know


When it comes to your big day, you’re certainly going to want to remember it for the years to come and one of the absolute best ways to do that is by hiring a photo booth. Photo booths are essentially portable, portable booths that can be setup almost anywhere you might choose to get married, and in no time at all too. Here’s just a few reasons why you might want to consider photo booth hire. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Looking Good For Your Wedding Photos


So, the big day has arrived, all the preparations completed, everything booked and sorted, cars arriving shortly, final adjustments to your dress, last bit of make up applied. All the guests are waiting to see the beautiful bride and you are now ready to proceed with the best day of your life, and its all going to be captured on camera. BUT, you hate having your photo taken, you always look weird, and you just hope your wedding photographer will do his best.

OK. Your photographer may be very experienced at what they do, but there are things that you can do to help your wedding photographs be a success. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Some Sound Advice On Choosing Your Photographer


We all understand how difficult it is for grooms and their brides-to-be to choose their photographer for what is arguably one of the most important days in their lives. A fortunate few already know a photographer who they can trust, some they find by recommendation, some are even found at someone else’s wedding! The majority of couples on the other hand however have to spend hours and hours doing research without actually ever knowing whether they have made the right or the wrong decision until the actual ‘great day’ itself. Scary stuff indeed! (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Budget Busting Video, Wedding Videographer Advice


Recording Your Event

It is fair to say that Videography is as important as Photography at any wedding or event these days but with the recent economic downturn some couples may be forced to make the ‘tough’ decision on which one they would rather have. Choosing carefully means that you may not have to make that choice at all!

Photography, capturing still images on film or Videography, creating a recording of the day in full colour motion pictures, as it actually happened, it’s a difficult if not impossible choice to make.

Most couples would be ‘hard pressed’ to remember what ‘auntie Beryl’ was wearing,
the colour of her outfit or indeed, what happened when ‘uncle Fred’ fell asleep during the groom’s speech! Video is the only way to capture unique moments like the fits of ‘giggles’ the bridesmaids had or the ‘raw emotion’ of the day like the private moments shared between mum, dad and daughter, which are all hard to capture on a photograph. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |