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What To Look For Before Hiring A Mobile DJ

So you have probably made about 10 enquiries out of a possible 30 websites out there who are selling the same service. Sometimes it’s nice to have choice, but at the same time it makes it even harder to make your perfect choice! What is definitely important is to explore, assess and judge each mobile DJ website you come across. When you type ‘DJ Hire’ in to your search engine you will get a number of different websites appear on the 1st page, however type ‘mobile DJ hire’ and you will get a selection of alternative websites to select and explore. So having said that where do you start? A good, and possible safe option is to choose a DJ who is local, so if you want a DJ for your party in Berkshire, search for ‘DJ hire in Berkshire ‘.
Hiring someone local should benefit you, and the DJ as they will normally have a better understanding of the area and venues. And you will have some peace of mind that they will provide a better, more reliable service. Ok, so next look through the websites and check to make sure they offer the exact service you need. For example, if you need a DJ for Wedding reception have a look to see if the DJ specialises in this occasion and read there content and make sure they present themselves in a professional manor. Check to see whether the website includes a photo gallery as this merits their service. If you see an audience having a good time that is a good sign that the DJ has done a good job. If there is a phone number on the website give the DJ a call and ask them a few important questions:
-Ask if the DJ is available on the date of your party.
-What is the price
-How many hours will they work for the price
-What equipment will they be using. Speakers / Lighting
-Have they got insurance
-what are their payment terms
These are a few basic and integral questions you need to ask so the DJ can provide you with an accurate quote. Whilst you’re on the phone and get into a good conversation you can ask the DJ what sort of music they play and how they conduct
their set and entertain the audience. First impressions can tell a lot about a professional individual, so you need to make sure you can determine the DJ is up for entertaining your party. The DJ should be well spoken, polite, friendly and professional with a good understanding and passion for getting the gig. A wedding, for example is probably going to be the most valuable day of your life, so you need to make sure you hire someone who will bring professionalism and passion to the party. It’s not just great music that makes a party, It’s also how the DJ conducts their gig. Do they use a microphone? The microphone is a very powerful tool that is very controlling and when used in a professional and humorous manor can bring joy and electric atmosphere to any party. Again, if you need a wedding DJ they must have all the necessary attributes to read the dance floor and know what music to play and keep people happy but it’s imperative the DJ uses the microphone as they will need to interact with the bride & groom as individuals and the entire audience. You can ask the DJ what sort of music they play although I would approach with a challenging question. Why not ask – How do you know what music to play? The DJ should ask you what sort of music do you like and if you want to create a playlist. If you want to leave it 100% to the DJ then they should be able to look around at the age group and style of audience and know exactly what to play.
Now you want to ask the DJ what sort of equipment they use. To be honest you probably won’t know what sort of equipment they should be using right? Ask the DJ if they’re familiar with the reception venue and if they’re know it, or have played there before, they should know what and how much equipment is needed. Tell the DJ how many people are attending, and room size and make sure they will have enough sound and light for the venue. The DJ must have insurance that covers themselves and you the audience against any mishaps where the DJ’s equipment gets damaged. Another reason for insurance is if a guest gets injured and the mobile disco is at fault. Most DJ’s will ask for a small deposit, but do find out their specific terms and conditions before deciding and making your booking.
Good luck and I hope you find the DJ you need to make your wedding day perfect!
Supplied by: Carl Tulumello
October 7, 2013 |

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