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Wedding Insurance and Flat Shoes


Wedding insurance can provide cover for all your bridal attire including your shoes. If the thought of high heels fills you with dread, flat shoes can make a great alternative bridal shoe. Wedding insurance policies often provide cover in a wide variety of circumstances, but for added peace of mind it is always worth checking your wedding insurance policy thoroughly.

Wedding insurance should cover your flats whether you own them or have chosen to hire them. However most wedding insurance cover is subject to certain conditions; for example, your wedding insurance may only cover your shoes if they are lost or damaged by you or a close relative.

Different wedding insurance policies also have different time restrictions on covering wedding shoes. Some wedding insurance providers will cover bridal shoes for three months before and up to forty-eight hours after the start of your wedding, but other wedding insurance providers may limit the duration of cover.

Brides opt for flat shoes for a wide variety of reasons. Some women prefer the way flat shoes make them look. Just as a pair of heels changes your posture, making you appear taller and slimmer, so flats can add a girlish charm to your bridal attire.

Shoes for women need to take practicalities, as well as fashion into consideration. For many women, flat shoes are also a more comfortable option. Dancing the night away is far more appealing when your feet are comfy so if the
wedding disco is important to you, you may decide to dump the six-inch heels in favour of some glamorous white satin pumps.

If you have suffered from foot or back problems in the past, flat shoes may be a requirement rather than a preference. Each of your feet has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments.1 With all those different elements, foot complaints are extremely common on wedding days.

If foot problems mean you’re forced to wear flats, the good news is there are plenty of different options available. You can take your pick from satin ballet pumps through to glittery brogues or diamante sandals. Which ever style you opt for, your shoes should be covered by your wedding insurance. However if you make a claim, your wedding insurance will probably deduct a certain amount from the original price of the shoes to reflect any wear and tear.

To ensure you’re covered against a range of possible problems it is worth having an in-depth read of your wedding insurance. With the right wedding insurance and the right footwear, you should be relaxed and happy until the groom whisks you off your feet at the end of the night.


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