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What Should You Wear To Your Wedding?


Okay there are some considerations, but most importantly it should be what you feel happiest and most beautiful in.

Consider what type of wedding you’re having If you’re having a typical church wedding, then a customary white floor-length bridal gown would suffice.   Make sure that it’s not too revealing, otherwise the conservative church might not approve.

·If you’re having a flashy Vegas-wedding, you can go crazy with your wedding outfit. Loads of sparkle and a low back and don’t forget to take a look at ranges other than bridal! There are many informal bridal ranges and evening dress ranges which would lend themselves well to this style of wedding.

· If you’re wedding is going to be a garden wedding, then you might want to avoid a gown with a long train, and put a few flowers in your hair.

· If you’re going to have an evening wedding, an elegant gown would be great.

· If you’re going to have your wedding in broad daylight, those princess-style gowns would be wonderful.

The Wedding Gown Colour
·Most women opt for white as it traditionally symbolizes purity or virginity. This traditional colour is still the most popular.

·You could also wear Cream or Ivory, if your colouring suits these better.

·But if you don’t want to stick to tradition, then you could choose other colours like pink, blue, or gold. If you don’t want to go for colour in the whole gown it can just be in details. Most ranges include dresses with coloured detailing or offer the option to have your dress in a colour.

·If you have chosen a theme for your wedding it should be part of that. You don’t want to look out of place!

·Forever Yours have some stunning wedding dresses and there is a style to suit all occasions and budgets from formal church weddings to informal beach weddings, with a huge range of bridesmaids dresses in 50 colour options.

The Wedding Gown Material
·Most women would love the opportunity to buy a pure silk gown, there are wedding dresses out there in silk for all but the smallest budget. However, silk can stain and crease very easily, think Princess Diana’s dress covered in creases,
so be aware of this consideration when booking transport.

Many dresses come in satin, chiffon, taffeta and organza. They will have lace, tulle, net and embellishments so it can be very daunting.

·Satin can be quite a heavy material but feels sumptuous and maintains its shape well. Satin can vary from matte to very shiny and from fairly stiff to soft and silky. A wedding dress of heavy stiff satin may not be right for a mid-summer daytime wedding, it will be hot and tiring to wear.

·Chiffon is a wonderful choice for a softer look, or for a straighter design, it will swish and sway with you and make you feel truly feminine all day long. As it is lighter it is also easier to walk around a garden and dance the night away.

·Taffeta is the crisp papery material that often comes with a 2 tone or sheen, a real fairytale material. As it tends to have a slightly crushed look it can be easier to maintain that ‘perfect’ look all day.

·Organza is almost a mix of chiffon and taffeta it is a semi opaque and stiffer material. Usually found as a top layer over satin or tulle, enabling embellishments to be added.

·Lace is becoming a very popular option for wedding dresses, it can be left plain and therefore provide its own detail but also lends itself well to added beading or embroidery. Another advantage of lace is that the under layer of satin can be coloured while the lace itself is white or ivory, allowing brides to have that touch of colour many of them desire.

·Tulle, is a soft net like material and is most often found in the skirts of dresses, often in many layers to give the large ‘ball gown shape’. It can also be found as a detail at the hemline of other dresses.

·When choosing your dress also think about the embellishments; embroidery, beading, sequins or corsages being the main elements bridal designers use. Think about whether the placement of these details will rub under your arms, get in the way as you try to sit down or keep folding over so you want to fiddle with them all day. A bit of sparkle can be great in either daylight or for the evening party.

The Wedding Gown Design
Another factor to consider when choosing your wedding gown is your body type or your body features.

·If you are busty, then you might want to wear a dress with an off-shoulder bodice and a full skirt to balance your top. Corset lace up backs are great allowing you to accommodate your bust but cinch in the dress at the waist.

·If you’re petite, then you should probably wear a simple gown, look at the skirt of any dress and think about what it would look like when taken up. A strapless or off-shoulder A-line dress would look great on you.

·If you’re thin, you could wear a ball gown style as your wedding dress. The fullness below the waist will add that feminine ethereal feel.

·If you’re tall, then you’re lucky because almost any bridal gown would look great on you. Empire cut wedding gowns would just look wonderful.

Just remember to avoid tall hairstyles and long sleeves, which elongate the body even further.

The most important thing that you should wear on your wedding day though is a bright smile, so choose the dress you feel most beautiful and relaxed in.

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