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Advice For Hen Parties in Leeds


It’s all happening in Leeds the girls are out and about looking for the best places to add a little extra fun to their Leeds Hen Party. You won’t find many cities with such a varied calendar of performances’, activities and festivals. The atmosphere is vibrant, lively and inspiring.

Leeds has many spectacular celebrations at different times during the year. If you love live performances and creativity, Leeds’ has an amazing evening of entertainment in October called Light Night, where many artists and performers, amateur and professional group together to share their talents in Leeds city centre, Millennium Square. They exhibit and perform their work on the streets, in galleries and in venues not usually open to the public. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Who Should Organise The Stag Weekend


Stag weekends have been revolutionised over the past couple of decades; it use to be fine to go out around your local small town the night before the big day, BUT not anymore. Stag nights have turned into stag long weekends or 7 nights abroad in Las Vegas. So who should organise these new stag do parties. Plenty of people would argue that the best man should arrange it all himself and surprise the Groom to be on the day, which does sounds fantastic.&nbsp. But let’s not forget about the amount of work involved in organising a holiday (yes it is a holiday for the lads now not just a few beers in a local pub) while he still has to go to work, look after his own affairs which might include a young family. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Planning a Hen Party in London


London is a hen party hotspot because of the vast amount it has to offer. Whatever you are into you will be sure find something to do, from top clubs to cocktail bars, musical theatre shows to concerts – there really is something for all hen groups in the Capital City!

However, the beauty of London’s versatile nature comes at price. With so much to do it is a worry how you will fit all your plans into one weekend! This is why this easy to read guide has been put together to help hens remain calm and steer clear of the headless chicken approach!


If you are travelling to London for a weekend then you will want to carefully consider what sort of hotel you will be staying in. There are plenty of cheap options across the city, from Holiday Inns to privately owned B&BS, so you will be sure to find somewhere to rest your weary soul after a long weekend even on a budget!

But if it is glamour that you are after (and who doesn’t want glamour on their hen night?) then there are plenty of boutique hotels to consider to. The MyHotel brand has hotels in both Bloomsbury and Chelsea; these are some of my favourite hotels in the whole country! There are also a good few Hilton hotels across the city centre to indulge in!

One thing to be sure of when booking a hotel is not to leave it until the last minute. If there are lots of you then you will want to ensure you are all in the same hotel. Also, base the location of the hotel around where you want to be on your night out so that you are not faced with extra taxi costs!


It is no surprise that London is incredibly fashionable for restaurants. Chefs flock to London to gain the exposure they need to gain credibility. There are tonnes are celebrity chef restaurants dotted around town, including Heston Blumenthal’s unique Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge which will most definitely impress any hens!

If you are looking at a tighter budget but still want something trendy then the hot to trot trend of gourmet burger and hot dog restaurants are really blooming across London. The Meatliquor chain is fantastic for cheap eats, delicious burgers and unbelievable sides. The grease will also help soak up any possible hangovers! Bubbledogs, another super trendy London restaurants, combines the owners love of both hot dogs and champagne so if you are still looking for a classy affair this is perfect for you!

As with the hotels ensure you plan and book ahead to avoid disappointment. Also make the restaurant decision as a group so to make sure everybody is happy with the food choice!


There is so much to do in London that you may get caught up in it all! When planning either day or night time activities it is important to plan carefully. There are lots of art galleries and exhibitions on in London all year round so be sure to check out what’s going on before heading to the city. There is also an abundance of World class theatre shows that make a wonderful night out. If you are feeling a little more proactive then why not combine the traditional favourite element of a hen party – drinking – with something a little educational? Cocktail making sessions are available at a number of sophisticated bars. You and your group will be taught the art of mixology whilst enjoying your own creations.

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May 3, 2013 |

Planning A Hen Party In Brighton


Brighton is a fascinating and popular city, much more than just its famous beachfront. Did you know there is several free activities in Brighton. Attractions include the aquarium, Brighton pier and Brighton wheel. If you’re the adventurous voyager type then there are great country houses and parks a short journey out of the city. What’s more with its booming night life it boasts a perfect destination for a hen party or weekend. People usually follow a typical routine when visiting Brighton and it’s easy to just spend all your time between the beach front and pier, this mini guide has been designed to provide you with an alternative view of Brighton to suggest a few different things for you to do with your hens. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Planning the Perfect Stag Weekend


So you’’ve set the date, booked the venue and started on the guestlist for the wedding, putting stars next to the names of the lucky few you’re planning to invite to your stag weekend. There may be a select few, or you may have invited your old school friends, workmates, hairdresser, Sunday league team and Dave the Landlord. However many people you take on your last night out as a single man, it’s essential to consider what’s going to make your stag weekend the best there has ever been. (more…)

May 3, 2013 |

Organising A Stag Night


The grooms big night out and our only concerns is that you (the groom) will peak too soon and miss it all. It’s up to the Best Man & Groom to make sure the man of the moment isn’t found in the corner of the club doing the nodding dog (sat down with his eyes closed and his head jerking around in a kind of alcohol coma).

When the vultures are hanging around trying to make the groom drink the spillage barrel, then you know its time for the best man to step in and do his duty.

Here are a few tips for the groom to help pace himself in order to be the last man standing!
1. Drinking water between drinks, this will keep him in a happy drunken state of mind
2. Eat lots of food before and during the session, this will help to soak up all that alcohol
3. Camouflage your drinks by pretending you are drinking a Gin and tonic, and disguise it with a tonic/lemonade in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lime, genius ah?

Drastic Measures
4.Miss your mouth when given the top shelf, who cares if you look and smell like Georgie Best!
5.Just say no, if you get to the stage when everything is spinning and your mind is no longer in control of your legs, a double Vodka and coke will not sort this out, So just say no!

Stag parties these days are roughly held approximately 1 month before their wedding day, this gives you time to grow back any missing hair and to get rid of any unwanted bruising!

So it’s a goodbye celebration?
Well, strictly no, if you are a romantic it’s a celebration of getting married, for the rest of us it’s a big booze up with all your friends to say I’m getting married soon boys things might change a little!

A celebration supposedly organised by the best man, these days more and more grooms are getting involved. The main reason is so that they don’t get stitched up and the second, which is becoming more popular is that the best man is shit. These are your words not mine!

Come on Best Men sort yourselves out, take the bull by the horns and sort this weary Groom a weekend to remember. He has had to put up with all the wedding plans day in, day out, looking and choosing flowers, picking out suits, putting together seating plans, seeing his soon to be mother in law shouting abuse at his future wife just because she changed the colour of the napkins!!!

What is the definition of a Stag Party?
A group of guys linked by the groom, who go on an adventure, over a period of time maybe for a night or two or even a week to establish who can drink the most!

Why don’t they just stay go down the local boozer?
Part of going on a stag weekend is to get that feeling of being able to do whatever you like, and not be judged by people you know. So whether you choose Blackpool or Barcelona as your chosen destination make sure the hen group is not going to the same place at the same time, unless you want to meet up with the future wife every night, this somehow looses that “Last Night of Freedom Feeling” but each to their own I suppose.

Why fill up the day with things to do?
One of the major complaints of people who did not book activities for the day was that most people peaked too soon, going to bed at tea time rather then at breakfast time. Activities are a good way to give everyone in the group that unforgettable feeling of unification and also will give your group that extra buzz before going out. It keeps everyone interested and is a great conversation starter.

Do many grooms have a stag party?
Research has shown that stag celebrations are on the increase with most people wanting a last weekend to remember with the boys

Some handy Stag Party Terms (self explanatory)

What goes on tour, stays on tour
Guilt Present
Look at those jugs
Well, everyone has a going away do, for example ~ before a couple moves to Australia they would have a massive party to say good bye to family and friends, before moving onto your next job you would have a party with old work colleagues to say goodbye. So having a goodbye celebration has been going back for years no matter what the cause of celebration was for!

The Stag Weekend

Where on Earth shall we go?
Well the world is getting smaller, Low Cost airlines are making sure the British Stag Party can get to any where in the world. We have separated 3 different weekends which have been popular with our Stag weekends over the last few years.

The Foreign Trip
Sun or City, Low cost airlines have made sure it’s affordable to the average stag, so a trip abroad for your weekend is no longer seen as unusual.

City Break ~ these are generally big booze ups with maybe the odd activity thrown in. The most popular weekend destinations are Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam and Tallinn. Other locations which are becoming very popular are Bratislava, Riga and any other former Soviet Union or Yugoslavian capitals / countries.

The Beach Break is more a Hen thing, but again more and more stags are exploiting the low cost flights and travelling to Spain or her Islands for a sunny celebration. Just think how good you will look on the big day with a tan David Hasselhoff would be proud of.

Pubbing & Clubbing Break
Stay up all night and party away your weekend is certainly another favourite with lots of our stags. Chill out in the day and go for it at night in the many clubs of the world is an excellent option.

The Activity Break
With so many activities to choose from these days this really is a must on a weekend. If you do not want your group to “PEAK TOO SOON” then filling up the day with non stop action is a definite must. The most popular activities are ~ Paintball, Karts, Quads, White water rafting & Clay Pigeon Shooting. Some of the sought after activities that not many people have done is Hover crafting and shooting with the Estonian Army.

Stag night advice was written and very kindly donated by Anna Makin-Mabe of

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